Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games

pes2012+android Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android GamesThe biggest change in PES 2012 – at least initially – is the speed and feel of the game. In reaction to last year’s slightly stiffer, more FIFA style, business realism, PES 2012 will be back to basics. Speedy wing-play, whipped-in cross and mazy dribble now the order of the day – again. Gamers used to play quieter than the latest FIFA title will find themselves jolted back to the days of PES 2004/5 when the speed and through-ball is the key kemenangan.Tentu course this is only half the story. Off-ball-new (teammate control) feature – used via right stick – allowing you to generate more measured build-up. AI seems to have increased as well, with players often support your running or pulling defenders out of position. Unfortunately, this burst of intelligence is not matched by many goalkeepers are still letting in too much effort easy. It’s even more attention when you realize PES 2012 is more focused on attack rather than defense. There are also problems with the animation, with some shots ping off at different angles from the position of the player you would suggest. Ball well, sometimes has its own life, with rebound and deflection is difficult to predict.

before this, I had to share the previous version “Download PES 2011 APK + Data

But This is Description Of PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer

Living for the PES 2012 experience with your friends in the most connected edition of the best football game on smartphones! With two brand new games modes and full integration of social networking: Do not play alone.

The discovery of a new way to Super Challenge
Build your dream team by buying players currently in the league is more desirable. We want Ronaldo in your team? In PES 2012 you can!

Victory sweeter when you know the opponent
Challenge your friends by downloading their Super Challenge teams online to play against your phone and publish the results on your Facebook to claim bragging rights.

Better than playing football
With enhanced AI and goalkeepers behaviors, you will soon discover why expensive players worth every penny with high-end animation and a variety of customs statistics.

Diving in the field in a full immersion
With boos and cheers, every pitch, the official UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League recently ™ ™, Liga BBVA, Ligue 1, and many more! Crowd

I do not say more than that?
With a wave of the contents of this classic national teams, 24 different balls, 6 varied environmental groups such as rain and snow, exhibition mode and 3 different controls configurations: tinkering the perfect setup will never enjoyable.

Will never be bored again
Two modes particularly dedicated to those times when you have only a few minutes to kill, the faster your game will be kicking in less than a minute, from a free kick and new challenges will be able to pass your skills shooting with effects and touchscreen accuracy!

Screen Shot Of PES 2012
pes+2012+android Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games
pes+2012+android Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games
pes+2012+android+games Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games
How To Install Pes 2012

  • Download Firts File Apk And Data
  • Install the APK
  • Copy ‘com.konami.pes2012′ folder to /sdcard/Android/obb/’
  • Launch the Game And Enjoy icon biggrin Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games
  • still not install please read “tutorial install pes 2012 for android

*update Download PES 2013 Apk + Data Android Games

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 Download PES 2012 Apk + Data Android Games


  1. doesnt wor , i used on my android and it still says download from maret and something about license

  2. wahabo says:

    c’est bien merci boucoup

  3. my pes 2012 is tellin me to purchase the official version

  4. I download d apk file now. I have to extract d data file before lunching d game? pls I need more info

  5. Rasta Masta says:

    admin… do you have game need for speed most wanted for android galaxy s3 mini..

  6. I downloaded it, copied the said folder to sd/android/obb/. Now when i run the Game it says VALIDATING FROM MARKET NEEDED. Then Play Store Opens and it shows ITEM NOT FOUND. Now what to do?

  7. Hey thanx a lot. This Works man


  9. Ini bisa buat jelly bean gan?

  10. hadif power says:

    thx bro…umur ko bape..???mana ko dapat semua nie

  11. vijay pimoli says:

    how to build your own dream team. i mean how to ? i am searching it down since i started playing this.

  12. Yung Jay says:

    Help it’s requesting for additional data on my Xperia p

  13. after copying and pasting, do i need to install the copied data? or only the apk pes file?

  14. U r great boy never expirence such a good gaming expirence on tab

  15. Egy Saputra says:

    gan ane udah instal terus datanya ane kopi ke sdcard obb pas di buka tulisan nya gini this game requires additional data (180MB) to Launch on your Phone . ForFaster Download And no Data Charges we recommend switching to a Wi-Fi Conection

  16. Egy Saputra says:

    udah di copi data nya tapi tetep gk bisa jadi gmna gan ?

    • ;(( sesuai prosedur seharusnya sudah bisa, :) —> ;( —> {-( —> :-? coba di install ulang saja mas, copy dulu apk + datanya, ke sd card situ, jika sudah di install file apk tersebut, jika masih tidak bisa, semoga beruntung :-s

  17. hahha says:

    hello ..i dont get it…. first copy the apk and data to sd card….after that install the apk….then copy the com.konami.pes 2013 to sdcard/android/obb/…BUT!!! icant find thesdcard/android/obb/ on my sd card…how to do?please tell me step by step ;((

  18. sari lestari says:

    klo copy dri data apk yg udah terinstal bisa ga gan?

  19. dude…im tired of this

  20. untuk yg belum bisa sesudah data di copy, lalu aktifkan koneksi internet.

  21. pes ane cuma ada suaranya aja gan..ane sudah copy sesuai prosedur..apa ada yg kurang?? hh ane xperia j..pls help thanks.

  22. rozi_gruik22 says:

    gan pes ane cuma ada suaranya aja…
    ini gimana gan??? ane udah copy sesuai prosedur…
    hp ane Xperia J… tolong bntuan.nya gan…

  23. Ramiz737 says:

    after installation only sound is running and black screen displayed, bro plz plz help me, i’m tired of this

  24. hijau merah says:

    Gan ane Kan udah Download File Nya Dan udah Di Pindahkan Kok Pass Di Buka Masih Download Juga Ya ?

  25. Gan saya udah install Trus ko icon nya gak muncul ya

  26. Please , i cant find the com.konami.pes2012 folder on my sdcard…help please

  27. pls how do i install using bluestacks ur help is highly needed thanks

  28. MEIRAJ says:

    Hey buddy when i open the app it shows ”Download error. the server is not available or validation of the files is not successful. Please try again” Plz help me solv this problem Ifollowed all the procedure you gave i pasted all the data and installed app correctly plz help me . I would be very thank full if you do………………..

  29. pls sir i have been ttying to install this pes2012 but cuoldnt. i saw ur posts and followed them but after insalation the game ended itself. sir am using itel note mini ver 2.3.5 . pls help me sir.pls

  30. Ginggi says:

    abang lapor pes 2012 nya berhasil berjalan dengan baik di mito ane :d tq ya bang, maju terus bang!!

  31. Apknya kok gk bsa d download gan

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