Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison
Hi everyone, How Are you?… as usual, after I talk about a smart phone “HTC One Review And Specs“, I try to compare it, Purpose nothing more than to see who is the best in all aspects of his supporters, both from the design until the smart phone usability, advantages and disadvantages of a smart phone is that I will compare “samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one” see the discussion following.

Aspects of Design

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+Design Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

On looks alone, the HTC One wipes the floor with the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’d argue it’s the best designed Android phone ever. Deftly juggling size and weight with the use of more premium materials, the HTC One has a design that should even make Apple jealous. It’s solid, but not too heavy. Thin, but not uncomfortable to hold.

The S4, on the other hand, is made of plastic and fake chrome. That said, it managed to fit a 5-inch screen and bigger battery into the same exact chassis as its predecessor. And it has a removable panel, offering access to the battery and microSD slot. That gives it some versatility the HTC One doesn’t have. But that plastic. #Advantage: HTC One

Aspects of Software

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+Software Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

While the Galaxy S4 Touchwiz user interface is closer in spirit to the stock Android experience, it’s so devoid of style or useful original ideas that you’re left wondering why they felt the need to create their own operating system skin at all.

HTC’s news-heavy Sense UI is really well done, but it has a more limited appeal. If you aren’t particularly obsessed with news feeds and the pulse of the internet, Sense makes, well, no sense. #Advantage: Push

Aspects of Display

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+Display Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

On a technical level, the slightly smaller 4.7-inch screen of the HTC One gives it a higher pixel density than the 4.99-inch Galaxy S4: 469 pixels per inch vs 441 pixels per inch.

That means the HTC One is technically sharper. In the real world, however, it would take an obsessive person to notice the difference in clarity.

But the HTC One display is not only brighter than the Galaxy S4, it has a more accurate color profile too. That means photos and videos appear closer to the way your eye would have seen it in real life. #Advantage: HTC One

Aspects of Camera

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+Camera Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

In good lighting conditions, few cameras are capable of besting the 13 megapixel Galaxy S4. In low light however, the S4 stumbles more than it should.

The HTC One and its 4 megapixel UltraPixel sensor excel in low light, and though it’s not the absolute best camera in natural life, it is certainly good enough.

Since most people don’t really want to take the time to fiddle with limited camera phone settings, it’s important to be able to fire off clear photos in dim settings. #Advantage: HTC One

Aspects of Battery

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+battery Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

That bigger, 2,600 mAh battery of the Galaxy S4 can get you a few extra hours of life than the HTC One.

But a bigger deal is the fact that the Galaxy S4 has a removable back panel and an interchangeable battery. If you’re a real power user, you can carry a second battery around, and keep going. #Advantage: Samsung Galaxy S4

Aspects of Performance

samsung+galaxy+s4+vs+htc+one+Performance Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

In day-to-day usage, there’s little noticeable difference between the two phones. They both have the same generation Snapdragon processor, after all.

But if you want to get into technicalities, the Galaxy S4 chipset runs at a higher 1.9 GHz clock speed (compared to the HTC One’s 1.6 GHz). And in AnTuTu benchmark tests, the S4 beat the One every time on both the CPU and RAM fronts.

That’s not the biggest deal for the technologically ambivalent, but for gamers and tinkerers, that little extra boost could come in handy. #Advantage: Samsung Galaxy S4

The Winner Of Comparison is HTC One
You can’t really go wrong with either phone, but when it comes to features you’ll actually notice on a day to day basis, the HTC one edges out the Galaxy S4.

It may be superficial, but just like buying a nice car, there’s a certain joy to be had from quality workmanship. And if you’re staunchly opposed to the Sense UI, and if know your way around technology, you can always “root” the device and run the stock Android operating system on it.

*Note:The overall winner of the views held htc one aspect, it may change, depending on your beliefs and your interests

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One – Army of two

By now you should have formed an opinion of which phone you like better – each had moments where it shined and got overshadowed elsewhere. The truth is that this will be one of the most exciting fights in the premium segment this season. Yes, The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are targeting the same market but will end up in the hands of completely different people. And it will be decided by the subtlest of differences. The blessing and the curse of being a flagship.

The HTC One is perhaps easier to define – not least because a premium device has a matching premium feel. That along with features like Beats Audio and BlinkFeed will probably make the HTC One a favorite among the young crowd. Facebook and Twitter don’t care much for multi-megapixel images anyway, so OIS and Zoe can really make all the difference there. Plus, the aluminum unibody is a fashion accessory for any occasion.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand seems like it couldn’t care less about looks. This is in a way a stronger statement than the exquisite build and finish of its rival. Samsung want to show that it’s the essence that matters and overall the Korean flagship certainly has more going for it than its rival.

You see the Samsung Galaxy S4 won more of the key battles today – screen (bigger, slightly better quality), software (newer, more options, better performance) and still camera. It may have lost elsewhere, but it was never a distant second.
The HTC One on the other hand emerged on top in the video recording, music and social networking categories, but those were all narrow victories. And its still camera was really nowhere near the level of the Samsung Galaxy S4 13MP shooter. Ultrapixels or not, 4MP can barely rival 2010 flagships on most occasions.

In the end, it’s best if you don’t just count number of victories to know which smartphone is better than this other. Instead, you should use this article as a reference – focus on the features you care about and ignore the rest. While each category has a winner and a loser, the “loser” in this shootout will be envied by most other premium phones on the market for quite some time to come. The winner? How about the one with your name on it.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One Comparison

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