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 Welcome to WallpapersPlus!

What does this app do?

It allows you to have on hand most of the wallpapers from different ROMs such as AOSP, AOKP, CyanogenMod, LG, Moto, Oppo, SenseUI, TouchWiz and so on. There are a ton of custom wallpapers included as well.

Finding a wallpaper is easy. Just choose a category and find the wallpaper you like. Tap it and hit apply. You can even download the wallpaper to your sdcard if you wish.

Enjoy the app, I enjoyed bringing it to you icon smile WallpapersPlus v1.7

* Android, AOKP, CM, LG, Oppo, HTC, Samsung, and every artist/photographer who played a part in creating these beautiful wallpapers.
* cr5315 – Borrowed a method from his brilliant open source app FNV that allows this app to pull images from a server.

NOTE: This app is ad supported.

Download WallpapersPlus v1.7
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 WallpapersPlus v1.7

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